Wednesday, May 07, 2008

wrapped up

Well spring is here and I remembered that I had a blog. Prior to forgetting about the blog I believe I had material to write about. It has been over a year since my last update so here is how I have spent my time.


Nothing comes to my head immediately but once it does it will make for AWESOME CONTENT.


Thursday, March 01, 2007


For Christmis Laurie gave a me an iPod to use while I was at work. At first I would just listen to music as the nights went by, but as I was searching for more music content, I found podcasts. Podcasts had been out for a while but I never gave it the time of day until I realized they were free. I tried it out, and ended up really enjoying the vast amount of content you can download for free off itunes and other websites. I've found some really sweet and really awful podcasts. Here's my run down. : A video game web site with a host of different pod casts to download, but all end with a bunch of sad endless talk about the difference between one format of media over another. It would be a great podcast if they trimed the content down to 30 seconds from an hour of nerd bitchin.

Adam Carolla podcast: Adam has a radio show in L.A. now with Danny Bonoduci (spelling?) and some other women. He's a great funny host with great content, but who ever transfers the radio show to the pod cast is on meth. The audio quality is poor, but there's plenty of content right now to download.

American Public Media: "A Praire Home Companion": Garrison Keillor's stories from Lake Wobegon continue on through podcasts. Every cast is a 17 min edited segment that leaves me wanting more. Highly recomended.

APM:The Writer's Almanac: Keillor voices a daily podcast giving quips about two famous peoples b-days. He talks about their lives and how they came to success and or downfalls. The segments end with a poem. 4 out 4 stars.

National Public Radio's "Fresh Air": A great podcast about pop culture. If you only listen to one podcast let it be Fresh Air. Our host interviews a new guest and curent news and culture daily, about an hour long podcast.

There's a short list of what you can find on my iPod. I usually download NBC's Nightly News and Comedy Centrals stand up comedy. Alot of content out there and once again it's free! Download itunes and go to Podcast to find new content like Kevin Smith's new podcast "smodcast".

Sunday, February 25, 2007


The movie "Heat" was on T.V. today. Pretty good. Jim Gaffigan had a comic routine where he was out of touch with being "cool" when it came to being in the know of the latest movies. It went something like "Yeah so I saw the movie Heat yesterday." "Heat?" the other says, "Heat? Didn't that come out like 15 years ago?". Yes had to be there to get the humor out of that skit....

Working non-stop lately. I work two jobs, I teach during the day and work "logistics" another term for unloading trucks and and stocking a warehouse at night. Time seems to go by before me. I have a day once in a while to catch up to see what week it is. Caffeine and a lax-a-dasical experience of sleep is what I live on. My relationships are stretched. Distances have grown longer. I do what I can. I know I'm not alone. Millions do what I do if not more. Hopefully one day it will pay off before I burn out or alienate those who I like to be around.

St. Cloud State swept the Gophers this weekend! There's nothing better then SCSU Hockey. SCSU never gets the fair coverage so It's great when you defeat the supposed "big dog".

I'm going to go drink a Mt. Dew now.